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Building Resilience

According to the latest research from the HSE, in 2016 11.7 million working days were lost due to stress across the U.K. Therefore it has never been more important to equip your employees with the tools they need to effectively manage stress. 

Building Resilience 
For the past five years our popular and forward thinking Resilience training has helped staff from a variety of organisations to dramatically reduce their stress levels.

We believe when it comes to stress management that 'self-knowledge is power'. We will provide your staff with a supportive space where they can explore what stress is, pinpoint proactive solutions to the triggers of stress for them, and learn how to rebuild a sense of confidence and control, allowing them to flourish within their careers. 

Building Resilience in Yourself & Your Team (for Managers) 
In this extensive two part programme, Managers learn a tool kit of techniques that allow them to a) build their personal resilience to stress, allowing them to be the best Manager they can be, and b) create a supportive and solution focused culture within their team. 

Career Confidence

Research published in the HR Review reveals that British employees are suffering from a wide range of confidence issues in the workplace.

According to the findings commissioned by Feel Good Contact Lenses and conducted by Red Dot Research (July 2015), the most common confidence-related issues people experience include; presenting to large groups of people in the office, public speaking, putting their own ideas forward, client meetings, working with their line manager on a daily basis and missing out on promotion due to lack of faith in their own ability.

How your employees feel about themselves and their capabilities at work will be having an impact upon their role-fulfilment, engagement and performance. Our fun and transformative Career Confidence training will empower the people that make your business tick with a confident mind-set, enabling them to access their full potential.

Cultiavting Career Confidence 
We will take your staff through the inner workings of true personal and professional confidence, showing them how to utilise their strengths and turn challenging situations (like above) into exciting opportunities for growth.

Making Your Authentic Mark as a Manager
In this career confidence training for new or existing managers, individuals will learn how to develop a management style that is aligned with their authentic strengths and qualities. 

Managers will explore the fundamental dynamics of the Manager-Team relationship, learn how to communicate clearly and confidently with their team and colleagues, and walk away with their very own strategy for leading a happy and successful team.

Communication and EQ Skills

Good and healthy communication is fundamental to individuals feeling good and thriving within a working environment. Our forward thinking and human centred approach to developing powerful communication skills will empower your people to communicate with confidence, allowing them to build stronger connections with their colleagues.

As Accredited Trainers of Emotions & Behaviours at Work, all of our communication training can be provided with a report for each individual on their personal communication and EQ skills. These reports offer participants a unique insight into their current communication styles, and offer a framework from which they can become a more empathetic and therefore powerful communicator.

Being a Powerful Communicator & Relationship Builder
This thought provoking training begins by taking your people through the history of human communication, and what the essential building blocks of healthy relationships are today.

Individuals will also have an opportunity to reflect upon their current communication styles, and will be taken through our '3 Steps to Being a Powerful Communicator' model. By the end of the training people will leave with the tools to enhance not only how well they communicate, but the quality of the connections they have with their colleagues across the business.

Communicating for Impact & Motivating Your Team (for Managers)
In this one day training programme tailored to your business, Managers will explore how communicating with their teams as human beings is the key to unlocking both their and their people's potential. 

Manager's will also be taken through our framework for 'Authentic & Powerful Communication', enabling them to create a happy and motivated team culture. 

Time Management
'Great time management that produces results isn't just about mastering your day, it's about mastering yourself.' BDC

The funny thing about time is that it keeps on keepin' on... The minutes soon turn into hours, and the hours soon turn into days.

Therefore if we want to move closer towards our career goals then we cannot afford to leave how we spend our time to chance. Instead we owe it ourselves and our aspirations to evaluate what is important and align the actions we take on a daily basis accordingly.

Mastering Your Day (& Yourself)
In 'Mastering Your Day', individuals will discover that great time management is actually 'great self-management', in that if we would like better results then we have to change where & how we invest three of our most valuable resources - our time, energy and headspace - each day.

Once they have learnt the mechanics of self & time mastery, they will have an opportunity to evaluate how they currently run their day, and identify any of the nuances that drive their moments of productivty 
vs. moments of unproductivity. They will also learn three of our favourite tools for maximising what they achieve on a daily basis. 

Trust us when we say that once your team has taken part in this training session, that the way they navigate their day will never be the same again…

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Testimonial“Thank you, this has been a real eye opener for me.”
LocationBe On Top of Stress Workshop
Testimonial“This was an excellent session with some very thought provoking ideas on overcoming stress that I plan on applying to my life. Well worth coming to!”
LocationBe On Top of Stress Workshop
Testimonial“Today’s workshop has made me feel more positive about myself. I especially enjoyed the visualisation and will use this frequently to help me boost my self confidence. Thank you.”
LocationBe Confident in Challenging Situations Workshop
Testimonial“I thoroughly enjoyed the session. I can see now that I am in control of my stress rather than it being in control of me. I will take a lot away from today, thank you.”
LocationBe On Top of Stress Workshop
Testimonial“This is the best workshop I have ever been to!”
LocationBe Confident in Who You Are Workshop
Testimonial“I feel so much more confident after attending this workshop. I have learnt a lot of very useful tools that I can use in everyday life to begin to feel more confident in myself. I feel I can achieve anything!”
LocationBe Confident in Who You Are Workshop
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