Paul Stonehouse
Performance Consultant, Coach, Facilitator

Paul specialises in enabling people to perform at their best in their working and personal lives, through connecting with their natural passion and inspiration.

Paul helps bring clarity, direction and purpose to key individuals, teams and organisations through facilitation, coaching and developing their natural leadership abilities. This involves challenging current practices and perceptions, bringing insight into personal and team dynamics, and providing guidance on the people side of management, particularly through change processes.

Paul works with organisations at all levels. He helps leadership teams define vision, values and strategy. He supports senior and middle managers in building their leadership skills, and guides front line teams in embedding new skills for engaging trust and involvement in shaping organisational change.

Underpinning his approach is a commitment to bringing insight and awareness into an individual’s performance limiting blind spots, and developing their inherent natural abilities, which deliver breakthrough results.

Who inspires you? Anyone who has the courage and personal commitment to get out of their comfort zone long enough to take on the journey involved in being at their best – it is definitely the road less travelled, but develops an individual’s ability to make clear, purposeful and powerful choices for themselves, and have a lot more fun along the way.
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