Judi Craddock
Self-image Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, BSc, ACA

Judi gained her coaching qualification in 2005, following a 10 year career in Audit & Accountancy.

Working as an internal Coach for accounting firm KPMG, Judi coached hundreds of individuals to thrive and develop in their careers, helping clients transition into leadership roles, manage their careers and achieve peak performance.

Fascinated by the role that self-image plays in an individual’s success, Judi gained a qualification in self-image from the International Association of Style Coaches in 2008. In 2011 Judi set up her own Coaching practice specialising in self-image, and today helps women to fully value themselves so that they can create happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives and careers. 

Judi is an experienced trainer and facilitator, and is passionate about helping employees to be their authentic professional-selves in the workplace. As an associate at BDC she is an integral part of the team, delivering team dynamics and personal performance solutions for our clients. Judi is also a member of the Association for Coaching. 

Who inspires you Judi? Anyone who pushes past their deepest fears to achieve their dreams.  It’s wonderful to see someone so motivated and inspired by what they wish to achieve, that they won’t let limited thinking hold them back.  
Judi Craddock
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