Career Coaching

At Be Dynamic Coaching we work with all levels of staff to support them in achieving their goals and making a dynamic impact within their Organisation. All of the following programmes are tailored to suit the unique goals of the individual we are working with.

The Personal Effectiveness Programme
The PE Programme supports individuals with being more empowered and effective at work. This programme explores any areas that will enable an individual to fulfil their potential including; overcoming barriers to their success, developing key skills that are essential to their role and building work place confidence. 

The Impactful Manager Programme
The IM Programme supports Managers with being the impactful Manger they want to be. Exploring concepts such as cultivating their personal brand, developing their management skills and building confidence within their role, this programme will enable Managers to manage effectively and excel.  

The Dynamic Leader Programme
The DL Programme gives Senior Leaders a rare opportunity to take a bird’s eye view of their role so that they become highly effective at leading from the front. This programme provides Leaders with a structured yet creative environment where they can take a revitalised look at how they can achieve their goals. It also explores how they can best inspire others to succeed through developing a Human Potential Leadership style. 

Staff Coaching

Testimonial“I worked with Donna to help define my role within a large team. This work included sessions on my values and motivations, as well as understanding how the dynamics in my workplace were playing out. By applying what was discussed in the sessions, I achieved the promotion I was looking for. I would highly recommend Donna as a life coach, and her positive but thoughtful approach to life coaching.”
NameJohn, Project Manager
Testimonial“Be Dynamic is a perfect fit with our firm. She is human in all aspects of her approach to personal development and life coaching. She understands, she empathises, she helps, she advises, she checks in. Be Dynamic is just what's needed, whatever the challenge and whatever the level of colleague.”
NameSKOPOS Market Insight
Testimonial“Be Dynamic has provided both corporate workshops and 121 sessions for our staff. The results have been almost instantaneous and the feedback extremely positive. I would highly recommend engaging Donna if you wish to embrace positive changes within your organisation.”
NameEaton Aerospace
Testimonial“Donna's enthusiasm and energy has helped to inspire and motivate our staff and the feedback has been excellent. We are looking forward to working with BeDynamic again in the future.”
NameEaton Aerospace,
Testimonial“By investing in the life coaching sessions I now have set goals and milestones and have someone to answer to if I do not follow through on my plans! Donna also gives you the tools (or makes you realise that you already have the tools) to succeed. I am now prioritising and making real progress towards my ultimate goals.”
NameJuliet, Solicitor
Testimonial“From the first session with Donna I felt at ease and more positive about my situation. She has encouraged me to take a look at my thought patterns and what really matters to me. Donna has helped me realise that I am in charge of my own destiny & happiness and that certain actions I take will help me achieve my personal goals”
NameClaire, Financial Services
Testimonial“Coaching with BeDynamic has taught me to realise that I have the ability to choose the way in which I view obstacles and challenges, the way in which I respond to them and the contribution they make to my future.”
NameAmy, Fitness & Wellbeing Manager
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“Investing in staff is crucial for any business and I firmly believe working with BDC is money very well spent.”
Charity Manager, Hampshire

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